Membership.  SSERCA Membership must meet one of the following conditions and be approved by the FLR Board of Directors:

  • Be an educational institution (i.e., private, non-profit educational institution, Florida public university, community college, for-profit college, or public/private school); 
  • Be an integral not-for profit participant in a Florida 21st century economy initiative;
  • Be in collaboration with a FLR participant in support of research, education, or 21st century economy initiatives provided such participation does not jeopardize FLR’s non-profit status;
  • Facilitate connecting government entities that do not conflict with the purpose of FLR.
  • Provide briefings on the respective campus HPC infrastructure (people, hardware, software, services, costs, costs recovery, sustainability funding) to facilitate identifying programs (who does what, how do they do it, does it do what you expected). 
  • Assess compute, capacity, storage requirements available for use by external organizations 
  • Review current jointly shared projects, infrastrucutre to help develop and prioritize future joint projects, resource sharing